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Audio/Video Passive Switcher

The AV8x1P is a passive 8 channel combination stereo audio and video switcher. The use of a high quality switch allows for clean switching of audio and video. The switching function is audio follow video (both audio and video are switched simultaneously). The audio connectors are phono (RCA) type; the video connectors are BNC. The AV8x1P is the 8-channel version of the AV4x1P.

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Audio/Video Passive Switcher with Monitor Amp

Model AV8x1A with Monitor Amp

The AV8x1A includes all the features of the AV8x1P plus an audio monitor amp. The internal stereo audio amplifier (2x3.5W), with volume control, is suitable to drive headphones or mini-monitor speakers.

Option: Rack mount
Dimensions: 8.5W x 1.75H x 6D (inches)
DC Powered: 11-14 Vdc (see chart for current requirements)
Wall module (included): 120 VAC 60 Hz, 12 Vdc 500 mA, UL Listed

Warranty: Two Years Parts and Labor

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