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The Burst Electronics catalog is contained in a PDF file which you can view and print with the Adobe Acrobat Reader. This software is available at no cost from Adobe. Your browser will start the Reader automatically if it is configured to do so.

The file is 7.5 megabytes long.

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The Acrobat Reader is required for these manuals. Software is in Zip files. Click file name to download.
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ModelFile NameNotes
AS4x1, AS4x1RAS4x1-V300.pdf
AV4x1, AV8x1AV4x1_AV8x1-V201.pdf
BG-2, BG-2CBBG2-V101.pdf
BG-3, BG-7BG7_BG3_Manual.pdf
BG-3, BG-7BG_Win_Interface_v1.0.45.zipSoftware
BG-4(CB), BG-5(CB)BG4_BG5-V101.pdf
DSR4x1, DSR8x1 DSR4x1_DSR8x1-V101.pdf
DV-1, DV-2DV1_DV2-V101.pdf
F2BF2B_VMF-V211.pdf also describes VM-2, VMF-2
GPI-10, GPI-10KGPI10-V301.pdf
GPI-10, GPI-10KGPI-10ProgrammingForm.pdf Form
GPI-10, GPI-10KDB9-RJ11_GPI_B.pdf Adapter drawing
HDA4 and HDSR HDA4-HDSR-Manual-Rev101.pdf  
HDLG HDLG-Manual.pdf  
HDLG Software v2.1.70 (replaces software v2.1.71 because of problem with v2.1.71)
LG-4, LG-1 PlusLG-Manual-V201.pdf
LG-4, LG-1 PlusLG4-v2.1.7.zipSoftware
MCG-2MCG2-V109.zipExample programs
MCG-3, RCG-3mcg3v201.pdfDiscontinued models
MicroDAVDA-V211.pdf also describes VDA series
SG-2, SG-4, SG-5SG2_SG4_SG5-V201.pdf
SG-3, SG-7SG3_7-v212.pdf
VDA seriesVDA-V211.pdf also describes MicroDA
VDS, VDS-3VDS_VDS3_VSA-V300.pdf also describes VSA
VM-2, VMF-2F2B_VMF-V211.pdf also describes F2B
VS4x1(R), VS8x1(R)VS4x1_VS8x1-V400.pdf
VSAVDS_VDS3_VSA-V300.pdf also describes VDS, VDS-3
Models with RS232DB9-RJ11_Standard_E.pdf Adapter drawing

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