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We welcome requests to advance the state of the videographer's art. Here are some products that we are particularly proud to offer to our customers.

Model F2B Fade to Black, 8 Channel Version

A customer had a need, in a theatrical presentation, for eight channels of video fade to black. Using our Model F2B Fade to Black as the core, we designed an eight channel version. The eight channel unit consisted of a rack mount head end that handled the video and a remote console with eight fader bars along with master fade control. Mission accomplished.

Twenty-four frames sync for the movie industry

In the cinema production area there was a need to sync movie film cameras that run at 24 frames per second vs. 30 (actually 29.97) frames used in video. We redesigned our SG-5 Black Burst Generator to output 24 frame sync pulses.

How to read oven temperature with your video monitor

Another customer approached us with this problem. He has a process oven with a Yokogawa temperature controller, and would like to display the temperature in the oven on video. The Yokogawa controller has an RS485 output. Could we do a special MCG-2 Micro Character Generator to accomplish the task? The MCG-2 has an RS232 interface, so we redesigned to RS485 and embedded the smarts to read the data string from the Yokogawa. Result, the customer now can read his oven temperature on the video monitor.

How to use your studio camera monitor to view the program line

The problem here was, in a small TV studio on a university campus, the camera operator needs at times to view the program line, not just his camera feed. Also, master control wished to be able to control what appeared on the camera monitor. We did a variation on our VS4x1 Vertical Interval Video Switch that will allow for remote control via contact closure. Problem solved.

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