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A full-featured Frame Sync/TBC unit the size of a deck of cards? Click for details.

New Products for the Video Professional

GPI-20 GPI to RS-232 Converter

GPI-20 GPI to RS-232 Converter

Our new GPI-20 offers twice the capability of the GPI-10! Now, convert 20 GPI inputs to 40 RS-232 data strings. Standard firmware works with Pinnacle Systems DekoMOS.

Overlay color graphics on a selected pattern

BG-3 and BG-7 Video Pattern + Full Color Graphics

Our family of Video Generators has grown! The BG-3 and BG-7 overlay a 24-bit color image on multi-pattern output. They're great for source ID – in-studio or mobile. The BG-7 adds six black burst outputs.

Switch eight digital video inputs

DSR4x1 and DSR8x1 Digital Video Switchers

Our DSR4x1 Video Switcher routes four HD or SD SDI video signals to one output – with remote control if you need it. For eight signals, use our DSR8x1 (shown here). Both models accept analog reference (Tri-level or Composite Sync). Input compensation extends range and usability – re-clocked output removes jitter, restores signal level, risetime, and eye-pattern. Like our other Video Switchers, it's a tool the video professional can rely on.

View demonstration video

HDLG HD/SD SDI logo generator

HDLG HD/SD SDI Color Logo Generator

Our HDLG is a self-contained in-line HD/SD SDI logo generator with the form and function of the existing LG1Plus/LG4 family of logo generators. The HDLG provides storage for up to four 512Hx512V pixel 24-bit static logos.

View demonstration video

As always, we invite you to phone or write us about what you are doing. We are designers as well as manufacturers, so we can help you get the most out of your equipment. See our Innovation Gallery for examples!

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