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Model DSR4x1 and DSR8x1
HD-SD SDI Utility Switchers

The DSR4x1 (DSR8x1) provides dependable signal routing of four (eight) HD or SD SDI video signals, between 143Mbps and 1.5Gbps, to a selected output.

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There are four (eight) LED switches mounted on the front panel to select among the inputs. For remote control, there is an optional RS232 serial port that uses simple ASCII commands for input selection. The included serial control makes for a very economical remote-access SDI switcher.

In addition, the DSR8x1 can be controlled by an optional RC8x1, a separate device with illuminated switches for selection between inputs. Another optional remote control for the DSR8x1 uses DTMF tones.

The DSR4x1 and DSR8x1 are housed in Burst Electronics standard aluminum and steel enclosures that can be either desktop- or rack-mounted in a 1U rail. Power is supplied by any 9-15 Vac/dc power source using a 2.1mm circular connector (5Vdc optional). The units are polarity immune perfect for vehicular and portable applications.

Models DSR4x1 and DSR8x1

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Options: Rack mount, 5Vdc power
DSR4x1R and DSR8x1R include RS232 remote control input
RC8x1 remote controller for DSR8x1
DTMF tone controller for DSR8x1

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Warranty: Two Years Parts and Labor

Specifications - Digital Video Switchers

Number: 4 (8)
Connectors: BNC
Level: 20-800mV p-p
Freq. Range: 143Mbps to 1.5Gbps inclusive
Analog Reference Video (Tri-Level or Composite Sync): BNC
Number: 1
Connectors: BNC
Level: 800mV p-p
Freq. Range: 143Mbps to 1.5 Gbps inclusive
Front Panel: 4 (8) momentary LED lighted pushbuttons
Remote: Serial commands using RS232 levels
Connector: 3-pin - see adapter drawing
RS232 versions are baud rate selectable between 2400 bps and 19,200 bps
DSR8x1 Remote Control Options: RS232, DTMF, or RC8x1
DSR4x1: 4.2W x 1.5H x 5.5D (inches)
DSR8x1: 5.6W x 1.5H x 7.3D (inches)
Connector: Standard 2.1mm center positive
Input Voltage: 915Vac/dc (Optional 5Vdc)
Input Current: 625mA

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