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Two Output Black Burst / Color Bar Generator

The BG-2 (and BG-2CB) are a new generation of Black Burst Generators. The BG-2 has two video outputs that are digitally generated by an internal microprocessor and a A/D converter. This allows precise waveform generation meeting the requirements of the most demanding applications. Can be configured as either composite or Y/C or both (option).

The BG-2CB includes the features and specifications of the BG-2 plus Full Field Color Bars and user switchable NTSC/PAL dual standard.

Options: Rack mount, tone (balanced or unbalanced), 12 Vdc power

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Specifications - BG-2 Video Generator

Output: 1 volt standard video 75 Ohms 1%
Sync at -40 IRE
Burst at +/-20 IRE (3.579545 MHz NTSC, 4.433619 MHz PAL)
Setup: 7.5 IRE NTSC (0 IRE PAL)
Fully saturated 75% bars (gray, yellow, cyan, green, magenta, red, blue, black)
5 Vdc, center positive (12 Vdc option)
Tone 1 kHz (0dB unbalanced phono jack, +4dB balanced miniXLR)

Dimensions: 2.75W x 1.2H x 4.5D (inches)
Wall module (included): 120 Vac 60 Hz, 12 Vdc 500 mA, UL listed
or 100-240 Vac 50/60 Hz, 5 Vdc 1A, UL listed.
Warranty: Two Years Parts and Labor

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