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Model VDA-8
Eight Output DA

The VDA-8 has the same features, performance and specification as the VDA-4 except it has 8 outputs. There is a rear panel switch to select an internal 75 Ohm termination resistor on the loop through input.

Options: Rack mount.

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Specifications - VDA-8

Input: 1 volt standard video
Input Impedance: HiZ or 75 Ohms 1%, looping (jumper/switch selected)
Coupling: DC throughout
Internal Power: ± 5 Vdc derived from external 12 Volt
Outputs: Eight, 75 Ohm
Output Voltage: 4 Vpp max
Delay Input to Output: 10 nS
Output Impedance: 75 Ohms 1%
Frequency Response: DC to 33 MHz 0.2 dB
Gain: Unity, adjustable ± 3 dB
S/N: 68 dB
Diff Gain: 0.03%
Diff Phase: 0.05 deg
Video Connector: BNC
Output Protection: Open or Short, infinite duration
Size: 5.6 W x 1.5 H x 7.0 D inches.

DC Powered: 11-14 Vdc (see chart for current requirements)
Wall module (included): 120 VAC 60 Hz, 12 Vdc 500 mA, UL Listed
Warranty: Two Years Parts and Labor

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