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Model VS4x1

Model VS4x1
Four Input Active Switcher

The VS4x1 is a four input, one output vertical interval video switcher. A special feature of the VS4x1 is digital logic that inhibits selection of an unused input, i.e. one where no video is present. The output is dc clamped to zero Volts. This allows for jump free switching between genlocked sources. The VS4x1 can be slaved with the AS4x1 audio switcher to allow audio follow video and breakaway switching. The VS4x1 is 12 Vdc powered, wall module included.

Options: Y/C, Rack mount, Model KB keyboard remote (contact closure).

Model VS4x1R: Includes RS232 remote control input (2400 bps, 8N1) - see adapter drawing
Model VS4x1YCR: Y/C version with RS232

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Specifications - VS4x1 and VS4x1R

Input/Output: 1 Volt standard video
Input Impedance: HiZ or 75 Ohms 1%, looping (jumper/switch selected)
Output Impedance: 75 Ohms 1%
Video Connector: BNC, 4 pin MiniDIN for Y/C option
Output Protection: Open or Short, infinite duration

Video Standard: Both NTSC and PAL
Gain: Unity
Bandwidth: 25 MHz @ 1 dB
Diff Gain: 0.1%
Diff Phase: 0.1 deg
S/N: 60 dB
Crosstalk: 60 dB
Switching: Vertical Interval
Size: 4.1 W x 5.5 D x 1.5 H inches

DC Powered: 11-14 Vdc (see chart for current requirements)
Wall module (included): 120 VAC 60 Hz, 12 Vdc 500 mA, UL Listed
Warranty: Two Years Parts and Labor

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