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Digital Pattern Generator
Full featured, multi-pattern, multi-format
SMPTE 259M (SD) and SMPTE 274M/296M (HD) SDI
16-Channel voice IDís and tones
Analog genlock input and analog black-burst output

DV-1 Serial Digital to Analog Converter
Converts serial digital video into analog video
Output is selectable for composite or Y/C
DVA-1 Reclocking DA for digital video with analog output
Converts digital to composite
Two re-clocked serial digital outputs
One analog composite NTSC output
DA equalization for up to 1000 feet of cable
DV-2 Analog to Serial Digital Converter
Converts analog video (either composite or Y/C) to serial digital video
Two SDI outputs
DV-4 Analog to Serial Digital Converter 10-bit
Includes proc amp control
YUV, Betacam, RGB, NTSC, PAL, SECAM, and Y/C
DSR4x1 Four Input Digital (HD-SD SDI) Switcher
Replaces the DS4x1. Front panel LED switches plus optional remote control.
DSR8x1 Eight Input Digital (HD-SD SDI) Switcher
Front panel LED switches plus choice of three optional remote controls.
HDA4 HD/SD SDI Distribution Amplifier with Equalization
HDLG HD/SD SDI Color Logo Generator/Inserter with Timed Take, four stored logos

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